Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby steps.

Hi. My names Angela. Im a wife and a mom...

Here is the no frills story about me:
I was a chubby kid. Then I slimmed out. Then I was chubby. Then I was kinda chubby. Then I was fat. Then back down to chubby. Then I was almost thin. Then I was fat. Then i got really thin. Then in a year I went from thin to chubby. Got married, got chunky. Had a baby.. and now Im fat.

Im tired of having a pair of jeans in seriously, EVERY size. No joke. Its pathetic.

So... Its November 15th, 2011. My 9 month old taking a nap, my husband is at work, and Im telling a bunch of stranger about how Im going to run a 13.1 mile marathon in 298 days.  Im somehow, going to pull my overweight ass of off the couch, and run myself straight to Chicago... to murder myself in a race that I know I wont win. I would even be in the top 100. Hell... I bet Ill be last. Dead LAST. Ill be crawling over the finish line and hyperventilating. But, thats okay. As long as I finish.

So, whats this blog going to be about? Being fat, working out, what I eat, and hopefully it wont be too boring, so I can gather up a few readers and perhaps have my own little cheering section.

So.. For breakfast, I had 3 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and asparagus (3 eggs, because my 9 month old ends up eating half of my breakfast everyday, anyway)
Brayden (My son) and I went for a mile and a half walk. For lunch.. I had a tuna sandwich on honey wheat bread, vanilla low fat yogurt with raisins and granola, and a very small oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookie. And washed it all down with a bottle and a half for water.

For dinner tonight, we are having taco salads. Lettuce, shredded chicken, beans, peppers, corn, onions, cheese, black olives and sour cream. Or crumbled tortilla chips.
Then, we're going to go for another 1 1/2 or 2 mile walk.

I refuse to make my life miserable by counting calories, eating stuff that tastes like cardboard, slimfast, etc etc. I want to figure out a life style that works for me. And my LIFE. I will not read a book, or research. This is about figuring out what is healthy for me... Angela, mom and wife. Former (current) fat ass couch potato.

I leave you with this... This was me, March 2007. I miss that skinny bitch.
The end.